Migrating Your Files From FPA Media Server to Panopto

After many years of great service, the FPA Media Server is being retired. The good news is that it is being replaced by two new services that will provide a massive increase in functionality and ease of use: Panopto and OneDrive.

If you or your department have files on the FPA Media Server, please begin downloading these files and migrating them to the new systems. If you have video or audio materials, you will want to upload them to Panopto; documents will go to OneDrive.

For a step-by-step walkthrough on how to download your files and migrate them to Panopto and OneDrive, please click here for a detailed stepsheet.

Getting Started with Panopto

Creating flipped videos (videos intended to be viewed by students outside of class) can be a great way to provide learning resources for students and free up face-to-face time for discussion and higher order learning.

All WCU faculty and staff have access to Panopto, a desktop recording and video hosting platform that is a powerful tool for creating flipped video.

You can access your own personal folder directly at panopto.wcu.edu.  Use the “WCU Panopto Login” option and your WCU credentials and you are ready to start playing with it.

Like most web tools, it is designed for you to dive right into using it.  To associate with your Canvas course, simply login to Canvas, select a course and click “Panopto Video” in the course menu.

or you can simply use the “Share” feature in each video to create a web link that can be shared in your Canvas course, in an email or as a post on any web forum.  Remember that the default viewing function is that only you can see the video, so, if you haven’t associated it with a particular course and you want to share it, you will have to change the share settings.