The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diverse Programs (EODP) and Chief Diversity Officer Ricardo Nazario-Colon, along with Staff and Faculty Senates, hosted a forum on Equity, Race, and Justice via Zoom Webinar on Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

With more than 300 audience members and a panel of 16 campus speakers, the session covered the recent history of work on this topic at WCU.  The forum answered pre-submitted questions as well as questions asked by attendees during the session.  Chancellor Kelli R. Brown noted that she was pleased that the decision was made to hold a separate forum on this topic because it would give time for many of the important issues to be addressed.

Chief Diversity Officer Ricardo Nazario y Colon provided an update on current campus initiatives and invited Dr. Kathleen Brennan to provide a recap of the April 2017 report completed by the Joint Task Force on Racism.  Dr. Darrius Stanley served as panel moderator and engaged panelists representing WCU administration, faculty, and staff members.

Forum on Equity, Racism, and Justice Session Recording