How long have you been working at WCU/Human Resources? I have been at WCU for over 5 years in total, all in Human Resources. I originally started working at WCU in 2017. After a brief period not at WCU in 2020, I was very excited to return again later that year.

Why did you choose Human Resources as a career? I started working part-time in HR and found myself really liking the work involved. I enjoy working with people and providing assistance.

What is your role in human resources? My title in Human Resources is Non-Work Study Student Employment Consultant. I help departments across campus hire and onboard their non-work study student workers.  In addition, I have created and/or revised resources to support student supervisors, such as the Compensation Guide, Posting and Hiring Proposal Workflows, student supervisor training sessions, and much more.  We hire 850+ students each semester. 

What do you like most about working at WCU? I enjoy working with the people at WCU the most. The atmosphere is supportive and collaborative.