How long have you been working at WCU/Human Resources? Matt originally joined WCU in as graduate assistant in the Fall of 2002.  He has held various positions in Human Resources that let led to his current position on the Leadership Team in HR.  He has been with WCU for 19.5 years

Why did you choose human resources as a career?  Matt has a master’s in human resources from WCU. Matt shared his thoughts on HR from this perspective, “ I can’t sing or dance, not smart enough to be a doctor, bad at math so no engineering, and didn’t want to be a lawyer. I like helping people and it fits!”

What is your role in human resources? Matt is the Director of Benefits, Classification and Compensation.  He and his staff provide Benefits orientation to all new employees as they join WCU.  In addition, he is the resident expert on not only the state health plan, but also on all things retirement.  He has successfully helped many WCU employees through the retirement process and still hears from many grateful former employees.   

What do you like most about working at WCU? Great place with great people doing work that is guiding young people to successful lives. WCU is important to this region and serves Western North Carolina well!