Staff Senate will be doing a “Meet the Senator” series this academic year, letting all staff know who their Staff Senators are. In the spotlight this week is Chris Moore. Chris is the Fire Marshal here at WCU. He has been on Staff Senate for about 3 years now. Chris knows that his job is to represent his fellow coworkers voices and concerns in Facilities Management. He is a listener and will mostly just listen, then he will direct concerned folks towards the right people who can help. When Chris was asked “Why Western?” He stated “I have read that a good foundation of a house starts with building it on solid ground. I have witnessed bad foundations and failing structures. Western Carolina University became the sacred ground I began building my career foundation upon when I arrived as an Undergraduate 20 plus years ago. Little did I know, I would return in a way that gives back to the greater good while protecting life and property. Why Western, one may be asked, and I usually sum it up with, ‘At Western, I met my wife, got a life and eventually came back home to work where it all started.” His favorite part of his job are the people and knowing we share common missions surrounding student success. We serve as living examples, with many different walks of life, for our beloved students. A fun fact about Chris is that he is a BBQ connoisseur, and there is only one style close to this native Eastern North Carolinian’s heart. If you see Chris on campus, be sure to thank him for diligently working to help keep us all safe.