On Wednesday, May 10th, WCU Staff Senate Chair, Betsy Aspinwall, announced the 2023-2024 Staff Senate Executive Board during their monthly Staff Senate meeting. Each of the officers announced were voted on by their fellow Staff Senators during a recent election process. The officers announced were as follows: Chair-Elect; Melissa Day, Secretary; Kathy Boland, Treasurer; Catherine MacCallum, Technologist; Colby Deitz, and  Parliamentarian; Robert Walker. Current Chair-Elect for the 2022-2023 year, Zachary Williams, plans to appoint committee chairs for each of the Staff Senate committees prior to him presuming his role as Chair of WCU Staff Senate in July. Each committee chair will also be added to the 2023-2024 Staff Senate Executive Board.


2023-2024 WCU Staff Senate Executive Board

Zachary Williams, Chair


Melissa Day, Chair-Elect


Betsy Aspinwall, Past-Chair


Kathy Boland, Secretary


Catherine MacCallum, Treasurer


Colby Deitz, Technologist


Robert Walker, Parliamentarian