Christopher (Chris) Dahlquist

How long have you been working at WCU/Human Resources:  I am a returning employee with 23 years of state service, 15 years total with WCU.

Why did you choose Human Resources as a career:  I came into HR through my experience in training and professional development.  I was a corporate trainer for organizations in Mississippi when I learned about an opening with WCU that fit my experience.  My dream at that time was to live in the area and work in a role for which I was qualified.  Moving from a corporate, technical training environment into a Human Resources professional development environment was exactly the right fit for me.

What is your role in human resources:  My working title is Talent Development Manager, so I manage, administer, and facilitate professional development activities for WCU employees.  I work with both staff and faculty in helping them be more effective in roles requiring leadership, supervision, and communication. Topics that I facilitate include diversity, equity and inclusion; equal employment opportunity; adaptive communication; leadership and supervisory development, personal and professional effectiveness; conflict management, etc.. I also manage the employee orientation program for staff, coordinate performance management for staff and 360 assessments for leadership staff, and create on-line training resources for various HR-related topics.

What is your favorite place to eat on campus:  I enjoy dining at The Lodge in Brown due to the beautiful atmosphere.

 What do you like most about working at WCU:  We have a higher purpose to help shape the present and future of our region. We accomplish this with a working atmosphere is welcoming emotionally, collaborative professionally, and inspiring visually. Ultimately, WCU provides great resources that help people succeed and grow.