The CFC Educational Technology Team and the Library are working to understand, support, and document the needs that faculty have for legally obtained streaming video that can be linked to your LMS courses.

Before the end of the semester, we should have a full update of the currently available resources in place and have a process for recording and demonstrating the need for any gaps in resources.

For now, though, we know that some of you are working on the preparation of your fall classes.  With that in mind, remember the following:

  • You can use the Panopto tool link or can simply paste the web link from your Panopto folder into your course.  This is for videos you already have, own, or have personally certified as falling under public domain or fair use.
  • You can always insert a YouTube or other link into the LMS (understanding that web-links need to be checked periodically).
  • If you are looking for video sources, a good place to start is the library media resources:  Remember that if you aren’t finding what you need, we can seek funding for finding it only by establishing a need, so let us know.
  • The best method for reporting a need for a resource is to contact the collection manager, Jessica Zellers, but the CFC Ed Tech team will be glad to help in whatever way we can.
  • There are a number of educator oriented streaming media sites available on the web.  The collection is dynamic, and, again, will take periodic link-checking and monitoring. Here is an example: and, if you are willing to look in multiple places, the openculture video forum lists a number of links to other resources.
  • Consider focusing on a specific non-profit source of content.  Cultural heritage organizations, have continually increasing collections of content that are available to the public that are appropriate for higher educational use.  Their dedicated museum education programs are often underutilized by higher education faculty because of the nature of disciplinary and organizational silos.  If you are interested in a discovery meeting and sample directory of those sorts of services in your discipline, please contact Jonathan Wade at the CFC.