Providing Quality Feedback in Blackboard

You want to provide quality feedback to your students, but typing specific comments is both time consuming and exhausting.  It would be so much easier to have a quick conversation with each student about their performance, but as impractical as that was before the pandemic, it’s even less so now.

Fortunately, there Blackboard does provide a solution.  Rather than type your feedback, with the click of a few buttons you can make an audio (and video if you prefer) two-minute feedback message to your students right from the Grade Center.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be able to give the quality feedback your students need without spending all your time at the keyboard.

Additional information:

COVID-related Modifications to Honors Contracts now in progress and a Reminder about End of Semester Honors Attribution

From the Honors College

Students with Honors Contracts in progress this semester may need to make changes to those plans when warranted by the transition to online classes and/or social distancing or travel restrictions and/or a change to S/U grading option.  The Honors College has been instructing students in this kind of situation to reach out to their faculty member first to start a conversation about the needed modifications and to reset expectations.  Students with needed modifications to their projects have been asked to email the Honors College at with a summary of the agreed upon modifications and to copy (cc) that email to their faculty member.  Faculty members are asked to reach out to students who may be in this situation, if they haven’t yet heard from the student.  Early intervention in this case will help to stave off issues at the end of the semester.  For students who do not need any modifications to their Honors Contracts, no action is needed.


Success with an Honors Contract project will continue to be assigned Honors attribution by the faculty member at the time when Final Grades are submitted.  For students with approved Honors Contracts in progress, a special drop-down box appears next to the student’s final grade box for the course in the Final Grades window.  If a student has not been successful in earning Honors attribution, the faculty member can likewise select that option in the Final Grades window.  Faculty cannot assign a grade of Incomplete only to the Honors Contract.  If a faculty member needs to assign an Incomplete, that Incomplete is assigned to the course and then both the grade and honors attribution are assigned when complete.

The link below, to the Registrar’s website (click > Web Grading > Final Grades Reporting), shows the Final Grades screen with Honors Contract options.

The Honors College Office is functioning currently in a fully online mode.  Faculty with questions about Honors Contracts are encouraged to email us at


Audio Video Feedback in The Grade Center

Are you tired of pounding on a keyboard to give your students feedback on their assignments? 

Are you looking for a more natural way of telling your students how great or how poorly they are doing?

Look no more because Blackboard has (finally) integrated voice (with webcam video if you wish) recording into the Grade Center.


1. Go to the Grade Center and locate the submission where you want to record feedback.



a. Click on Attempt




 b. Grade the submission with the rubric if you wish


  1. To record audio/video feedback, click on the show/hide bar for the grading panel


a. Click on the A to open the full content editor


b. Click on the microphone



c. The following screen will display

     a. NOTE:









d. By default, only the microphone is active.  If you want to use your webcam to record video, click on the camera icon

e. When you click the record button, you will get a 5 second countdown before recording starts.

f. While you are recording a timer will be displayed, as well as the 5 minute time limit reminder.


g. When you have finished, click the Stop Recording button

h. You can listen to your recording 



i. Then delete or Save and Exit


j. The recording will default to a name of the start date and time.




k. But you can rename it.


l. Click the Insert Link button to continue


m. A button for the recording will appear in the feedback text box



n. You can add additional text





o. Click Submit to save the feedback

p. Click Submit to save the grade and feedback to the grade center



In My Grades students can hear the feedback by click on the View Feedback speech bubble in the row associated with the assignment.




a. Clicking on the audio feedback link will open the window to play the recording