How to install an additional monitor:

  • To add a second monitor to your computer, you’ll need to make sure that you either have a video card that supports multiple monitors, or that your computer has more than one video card.
    • Once you have made sure that your video card can support a second monitor, turn off your computer and monitor. Next, locate the video ports on your computer.
  • Connect the second monitor to the unused video port. Plug the second monitor into an electrical power source and turn it on.
  • Turn on your original monitor. Next, turn on your computer. Windows should recognize the monitor once the computer has started. If you are prompted to install driver software, see the instructions that came with the monitor. When you have confirmed the second monitor is functioning properly, you are now ready to begin screen capturing with multiple monitors.

Capturing on multiple monitors

  1. Open the Panopto recorder. In the secondary sources area of the recorder screen, click the checkbox next to capture second screen and/or capture third screen.
  2. A new tab labelled second screen will appear, displaying the output of the second monitor.
  3. If you only want to capture the output from the secondary monitor, be sure to uncheck capture primary screen. After naming your session and selecting a folder, hit the large record button to begin your recording.