We have been talking to Faculty and Staff across campus¬†and we have been compiling¬†the¬†questions¬†we have received so that we can share¬†the information¬†with¬†everyone. To look at the questions and see the answers, please visit our FAQ page –¬†https://ithelp.wcu.edu/en-us/category/1400336. We will be continuing to add¬†questions as we get them. Do you have questions that you are not seeing? Please take advantage of the¬†24/7 Canvas support¬†and Canvas training¬†services portal¬†which you can access within¬†Canvas:¬†access it¬†through¬†the ?¬†icon¬†in the left side menu.¬†¬†

  • canvas.wcu.edu is the landing page for everything Canvas at WCU, this page has a link to login to Canvas that you can bookmark and¬†valuable information about migration from Blackboard to Canvas.¬†
  • All courses will be in Canvas beginning May 17th¬†with the¬†Minimester.¬†
  • We have compiled information from our recent Departmental meetings and created an FAQ page. We will continue to add questions and answers as they come up. To visit the page, go to¬†https://ithelp.wcu.edu/en-us/category/1400336¬†to explore our FAQ.¬†¬†
  • Canvas is also here to help during the migration. We encourage all instructors to use the help support link within Canvas if you have questions as you are building your courses in Canvas.¬†
  • This is the overlap period between Blackboard and Canvas.¬†All faculty have access to Canvas right now.¬†
  • A self-paced training course(s) is available in your Canvas dashboard which is the best place to start. All instructors have also been given a development shell to create and copy content into as you are getting familiar with Canvas.¬†

Canvas Migration Timeline