We know that communication is a cornerstone of both learning and relationship.¬† We also know that¬†students¬†value clear communication and that many find great value in having a clear¬†understanding¬†of¬†what they need to do in order to ‚Äúpass‚ÄĚ their courses.¬† We have also witnessed that many of our students are still developing their time-management skills and rely upon external¬†cues.¬†

In Canvas, notification settings are set by the user and relate to how and when you receive information about upcoming events, dates, and, in the case of instructors, student activities (like the submission of a discussion post or the submission of an assignment that is ready to be graded.) 

You are in complete control of how you receive notifications.¬† For email notifications and notifications that appear in the Canvas window (whether in the browser or in your ‚ÄúTeacher‚ÄĚ app on your mobile device) you can make a number of changes to the default settings by going to your ‚ÄúAccount‚ÄĚ profile and clicking notifications.¬†

Finding Account Notifications

Setting notifications here will be a global choice.¬† You can override these settings in individual courses by¬†navigating to course settings in your course and going to the ‚ÄúView Course Notification‚ÄĚ button, as shown below.


Note that your notification settings do not have any bearing on your student’s settings.  By default, students will get all course announcements and the assignments with dates will be viewable, but they have complete control over their settings. 

Also note that the notifications for the mobile apps default to a less aggressive notification (lock screen) regime than do commercial apps.  If a smartphone or tablet user wants notifications outside of the time they are using the app, they will need to set those notifications specifically on their smart device and these notifications, though they have a similar name and function, are outside of the operation of Canvas. For more app information: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Mobile/ct-p/apps

Viewing Course notifications

Notifications work best if instructors use the¬†syllabus tool¬†and¬†calendar¬†in a way that has specific date requirements for all assignments and other student ‚Äúto dos.‚ÄĚ

How does this align to Canvas training materials?

Canvas logoPriming the Canvas: Module 1.2 “Getting Started with Canvas” Canvas Basics¬†

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