An international body of faculty are gathering next week to share and discuss strategies for increasing equity for all learners. There will be synchronous and asynchronous pathways for everyone to share what you are doing in your classes and at your institutions.

The first-time Online Equity Conference, hosted by the Peralta Community College (CA) district, is only a week away. The conference will take place virtually from April 21 to April 23, 2021 (see the new Equity Conference website for more details). They welcome equity-minded students, educators, staff and leaders who represent colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and vendors from all around the world. Their goals are 1) to increase the visibility of all efforts to increase learning equity in higher education and 2) to bring together institutions that want to share and adopt equitable practices for all online students globally.

REGISTRATION: Please register via their online form.

Conference participation will be FREE to make it accessible for everyone. Sessions will be spread throughout the day and recorded to accommodate busy schedules and global time zones. All you need to do is sign up!

Over 370 people are registered from across the U.S., as well as Grenada, Iraq, Ireland, New Zealand and more.

The conference will include three types of activities to mirror the scaffolded learning process from Peralta’s Online Equity Training:

  • Day 1 – LEARN – Participate in live and recorded PRESENTATIONS that share an equity strategy or equity initiative.
  • Day 2 – ANALYZE – Participate in live and asynchronous DISCUSSIONS about an equity topic.
  • Day 3 – BUILD – Participate in live WORKSHOPS focused on increasing equity in your classes or at your institution.